Staff Picks: 10 Perfect Gifts for The Aquarium Co-Op Enthusiast

Staff Picks: 10 Perfect Gifts for the Aquarium Co-Op Enthusiast

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for the fish hobbyist in your life, look no further than this handy gift-buying guide from Aquarium Co-Op. To welcome the holiday season, we asked friends and coworkers about their favorite Co-Op merchandise and essentials.


Aquarium Co-Op Hoodie

Jimmy’s pick

Jimmy is likely wearing his Aquarium Co-Op sweater, no matter if he’s going to the grocery shop or out to check on his fish breeding ponds. The hoodie is light enough to wear in warmer temperatures, but warm enough to keep you cozy on rainy or cold days. This is a common occurrence in the Pacific Northwest. This soft sweatshirt is also easy to wash when you dip your sleeves into the millionth glass of aquarium water. Jimmy said: “Yeah. My Co-Op sweatershirt has been very comfortable. I love the big, white Aquarium Co-Op logo printed on the front. Sometimes people will come up to me at the store if they recognize me from our YouTube videos.”

Die Cut Decal Stickers

Randy’s picks

Randy would be the winner of an award for most Aquarium Cooperative decals placed on a laptop. He said, “Having these stickers made and designed makes me happy. I love to slap them all over my computer.” However, seeing the community’s enthusiasm for these stickers makes me even happier!” These decals not only look awesome, but they will hold up for a long time because of their durability and water resistance. Randy and other members of the community are invited to take a picture of the place where you placed your sticker, and share it on our forum.

Murphy Mesh Back Hat

Cory’s pick

The Murphy mesh back hat by Aquarium Co-Op is the perfect combination of style and sun protection. This hat is beloved by Cory because of Murphy’s charming smile. The back of the hat features the classic trucker mesh style for ultimate air flow, and it’s available in both fitted and snapback versions. Cory said that the mesh back makes this a great hat for summer. It fits well, there are two sizes available, and the FlexFit is ultra-comfortable. These hats are great!

Aquarium Co-Op Mesh Back Hat

Dean’s picks

It’s essential to have a comfortable hat for transporting aquarium fish to the local fish shop when you’re a master aquaculture fish breeder. Even when Dean doesn’t have his hands in a fish tank, he can be spotted rocking this classy mesh back hat from Aquarium Co-Op while taking his dog Luka on a walk. The same mesh back material as the Murphy hat is used in this hat. However, it’s in a light blue which contrasts well with its dark gray front. It also features the company logo in matching blue on the front. This combination is great when worn with the Aquarium Co-Op top.

Aquarium Co-Op Mug

Candi’s pick

No matter where she goes, Candi always has a delicious and healthy beverage in hand. Staying hydrated is so important. At home, her Aquarium Co-Op green cup is her favourite way to enjoy a cup o’ tea. The mug holds 11 ounces (or more) of your favorite hot, or cold beverage. It has a simple logo printed in white. You can even use it in the microwave. “Even though I don’t like coffee, my Aquarium Cooperative mug is great for making a cup of tea every morning. Plus, it washes up really easily too. “I love it!” she exclaims.

Aquarium Co-Op T-Shirts

Irene’s picks

If you have ever seen Irene on Co-Op’s YouTube channel, you may have noticed that she is wearing an Aquarium Co-Op Black t-shirt in all her videos. Irene always wears this comfortable cotton shirt while she works with her aquariums, no matter how short the commercial is. It goes well with any outfit. It’s also durable and easy to wash in the dryer after it has gotten dirty from filter gunk and tank water. Co-Op’s black t-shirts come in two styles: a Co-Op goldfish in all-red and a Mbu puffer, in blue or yellow.

Classic Black Aquarium Co-Op Hat

Robert’s pick

To complete an outfit, nothing is better than a simple black accessory. And when you manage a fish store like Aquarium Co-Op, you need a durable hat to hold up during long shifts while moving hundreds of fish around. Robert is a huge fan of his Aquarium Co-Op black hat. This black, fitted cap is stylish and professional while still doing the job. It also features FlexFit technology which makes it easy to wear throughout the day without straining your neck. Robert claims that the Co-Op black Co-Op hat is very useful when it rains, which is almost every day here in Washington. The nice long brim keeps rain from getting into his glasses.

Aquarium Co. Op Measuring Glass and Spoon

Lizzie’s picks

Aquarium Co-Op sells a measuring cup and a spoon. They are useful for a multitude of purposes. The Aquarium Co-Op measuring devices are great for measuring Ich-X and salt for brine shrimps. “The spoon’s design is really clever. It is super compact and can be used to measure 1/4 teaspoon 1/2 teaspoon 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon. It’s sorcery. I also love the Co-Op measuring glass. One of my glasses is used for propagating plant cuttings. They are cheap and can be used for many purposes, including stocking stuffers,” Lizzie said.

Bonus: Gifts for Anyone and Everyone

If you’ve read this list and still aren’t sure what to get the fishkeeper in your life, here are a couple bonus ideas that aquarium hobbyists of any skill level can appreciate.


Fact is, fishkeeping needs water. But there’s no need to worry with the soft and absorbent cotton hand towel from Aquarium Co-Op. It is available in black to match other Co-Op gear. The logo is also featured on both ends. It’s a simple gift but it says, “I’m your friend and care about your hardwood flooring.”

Gift Certificates

As with all gift cards, you can’t choose what to buy someone. An Aquarium Co-Op Gift Card is a great way for you to show them you care and support their favorite hobby. It can be transferred online with an online code so it is one of the easiest gifts you have ever given. Gift wrap not required! Select your amount in increments: $5, $10, $25 or $50.

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